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Risks and opportunities in the Spanish power market: what's next?

Webinar at 11:00 CEST on Wednesday, 9th August

What's next for the Spanish power market? Join our Spanish market team on 9th August at 11:00 CET as they explore the fascinating landscape of the energy transition in Iberia.

The webinar will cover the following:

-) RES are booming in the Spanish and Portuguese market, but demand is stagnating. What is the outlook for RES?
-) What is the role for storage in the new context of very high RES penetration targets? What type? When?
-) With an outlook of cheap solar and wind power, how can hydrogen benefit from the future power market?
-) How does AFRY assess the Spanish NECP? What regulatory changes can be expected to enable the political targets?
-) What is next in the short and medium term in the Spanish energy market?

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