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Mind the gap: Enabling development of a global market for low carbon ammonia

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Despite numerous low carbon ammonia projects in the pipeline and growing decarbonisation targets at the government and corporate levels, few green and blue ammonia projects are in production and/or at the financial investment decision (FID) stage. Clear obstacles remain in the path to development of a global low carbon ammonia market which need to be removed in order to enable its scaling up and the broader realisation of the hydrogen economy.

In the forthcoming webinar, our ammonia experts, Josie Armstrong and Hasan Tarique, will discuss with our Head of Hydrogen, John Williams, what gaps remain in the development plan for low carbon ammonia, and what can be done to bridge these gaps. They will contrast the EU and US market experience, including the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and recent EU policy developments on the global ammonia market.

The webinar will cover:

  • Understanding the gap between low carbon ammonia costs and offtakers’ willingness to pay
  • Role of government support in bridging low carbon ammonia’s cost gap
  • Infrastructure gap – changing trade flows and new bottlenecks
  • Signposts to scale up the global low carbon ammonia market
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