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Green Steel – shaping a better future with Eva Blixt, Senior Advisor at Jernkontoret

In this episode we are joined by Eva Blixt, Senior Advisor and Research Manager at Jernkontoret, the Swedish Steel Industry Association. Jernkontoret safeguards the steel industry's interests, working for the best possible preconditions for operations in Sweden.

Traditionally, the steel industry’s image has not been well perceived, being seen as old-fashioned, male-dominated, and negatively impacting the environment, which led to Jernkontoret working with stakeholders to develop their “steel shapes a better future” vision. The vision has three key undertakings to change this perception: leading technical development, nurturing creative individuals, and creating environmental benefits.

Eva joins us along with John Williams, Head of Hydrogen Expertise Cluster and Bettina Wittneben, Sustainability Lead UK at AFRY Management Consulting, to discuss where the steel industry is heading through innovations such as fossil-free steel, its associated emissions, and how it has changed in recent years.

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