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Pan-European 2021 Q4 price projections and client-exclusive webinars

We have recently released AFRY’s 2021 Q4 Pan-European Price Projections incorporating the latest market developments.

This quarter, the client-exclusive webinar will enable you to go through the main European-wide messages and changes in AFRY's 2021 Q4 update. AFRY will be providing commentary on the current market, following the recent rise in commodity prices, and how these are incorporated in our analysis.

We will also do a deep dive into the hourly resolution that underpins our electricity market analysis, and highlight the impact that weather can have on asset valuation, how the temporal dynamics of the electricity system will change over time, and show how the system copes with a prolonged period without sizeable generation from renewable energy sources.

The slide packs and recordings from the webinars will be made available in our Insights - exclusive to AIM report clients.

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