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Grid digitalisation: Opportunities and pitfalls for efficient grid operations and development

Power system operators all over the world are faced with challenges driven by decarbonisation and decentralisation. Increasingly complex power systems entail more complex digital solutions. The digitalisation of TSOs and DSOs is triggered by their changing role, increasing the requirements to actively manage distribution grids, and grid companies are also facing enormous investments related to electrification of industry and transport and renewable integration. Additionally, new arising tasks, such as the handling of national and European data exchange platforms need to be coped with. The overall objective of grid digitalisation is to create substantial value in cost and resource savings, better quality and improved safety, as well as accelerating the green transformation of energy systems.

A large number of different digital system solutions and sensors can be implemented in the grid. However, grid operators often do not have a clear view on the economic value of different use cases and how to scale and integrate their chosen setup. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for grid digitalisation, and to avoid costly digitalisation mistakes, a structural approach for analysing pre-conditions such as system characteristics as well as end-to-end processes and structures is needed. AFRY present approaches for the identification of appropriate asset-specific and best practice digitalisation strategies, whilst considering automation software solutions, data analytics and integration in the wider asset management platform.

In this webinar, Marcus Getta, Thomas Koller and Anne Grevener discuss:

  • what is grid digitalisation and why it is important;
  • key considerations in grid digitalisation;
  • implementation and integration challenges;
  • AFRY use cases; and
  • regulatory barriers and incentives

For more information, please contact Kjetil Ingeberg, Marcus Getta, Thomas Koller and Anne Grevener.

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