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Hydrogen: unlocking the potential for Sweden’s power, mobility and industry

Hydrogen can be seen as essential in decarbonising industry, mobility and the heat sector, and governments around Europe have recognised its importance through the development of hydrogen strategies. In Sweden, there are several industrial projects where the production and use of hydrogen will be fundamental to a number of new value chains, but what makes Sweden a country of interest for hydrogen?

In this webinar, AFRY examine the specific circumstances of the Swedish situation and explore some of the opportunities for large scale hydrogen projects such as HYBRIT and H2 Green Steel. How will Swedish infrastructure need to adapt to new hydrogen demand, and what does this mean for the deployment of new renewables capacity and the power and gas networks? Will new large power demand from hydrogen impact the power market, and if so, when?

Join AFRY’s experts for an in-depth insight into the potential role of hydrogen in the Swedish market, including:
• the importance of hydrogen implementation;
• the demand potential in Sweden;
• the challenges and potential facing the supply and transportation of hydrogen; and
• AFRY’s view on the power market implications.

For more information, please contact John Williams, Asa Agervald, and Pedro Raposo.

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