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Pan-European 2020 Q4 release and upcoming client-exclusive webinars

We have recently released AFRY’s 2020 Q4 Pan-European Price Projections incorporating the latest market developments. This includes updated fuel and carbon price projections, as well as an update to our carbon targets.

You may have also noticed brand new exhibits in the latest Quarterly Update Note, and the webinar will be the perfect time for you to go through these in detail with us and ask any questions you may have on them.

AFRY’s Pan-European Price Projections webinar is split over three sessions, enabling clients to go through the main European-wide messages and changes in AFRY's 2020 Q4 update. It also gives clients a chance to engage directly with our experts on these topics.

The webinar sessions cover the following topics:

  • Thursday 14 Jan, 14:00 GMT – AFRY’s Pan-European Price projections – what’s changed in 2020 Q4?
  • Tuesday 19 Jan, 14:00 GMT – Carbon prices – impact of new 2030 targets and the European Green Deal
  • Thursday 21 Jan, 14:00 GMT – Future price drivers and impact of the weather – understanding our new stylised price duration curves, and what they tell you about the future shape and volatility of prices

The slide packs and recordings from the webinars are available on under Insights - exclusive to AIM report clients.

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