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Carbon offset market: fit for purpose?

Carbon offsets have the potential to help avert dangerous levels of climate change. However, the scale and efficiency of the market has been limited by a cocktail of various offset projects with different attributes, diverse preferences of buyers and underlying concerns about the environmental legitimacy of offsets.

As a growing number of corporates across the globe set net-zero targets, the focus on carbon offsets is intensifying – but is the market up to the job?

In a webinar on 26 November, Mostyn Brown and Stephen Woodhouse dive into the murky world of the voluntary carbon offset market, explaining how it works, key issues that must be resolved for the market to scale and how offsets fit into the wider corporate decarbonisation ecosystem.

A must for anyone interested in corporate-led pathways to net-zero.

The slide pack and recording are below.

Slide pack Pdf, 1.5 MB.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Mostyn Brown and Stephen Woodhouse.

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