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Towards a 100% renewable energy system

The vision of a 100% renewable energy system in Europe is fast becoming a reality thanks to continued falling technology costs and a concerted effort to secure a green recovery.

But several countries are already hitting the limits of their current systems, which were designed around ‘predict and provide’ and are struggling to adapt to increasing levels of near-zero marginal cost renewables.

In a webinar on 5 November, Matt Brown, Stephen Woodhouse and Mostyn Brown discuss the socio-technical transition required to reach a 100% renewable energy system, focusing on:

  • redundancy and the conundrum of reliability;
  • the physical, societal and economic parts of this revolution; and
  • the role of digital technologies that serve to weave these elements together.

The slide pack and recording are below.

Slide pack Pdf, 1.7 MB.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Stephen Woodhouse, Matt Brown and Mostyn Brown.

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