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Pan-European 2020 Q3 release and client-exclusive webinars

We have recently released AFRY’s 2020 Q3 Pan-European Price Projections incorporating the latest market developments. This includes updated fuel and carbon price projections, as well as updated our demand assumptions in light of the continuing COVID-19 uncertainty. We have also made some minor updates to our technology costs, principally around CCS gas and minor increases in some Solar PV load factors in certain countries.

AFRY’s Pan-European Price Projections webinar is split over two sessions, enabling clients to go through the main European-wide messages and changes in AFRY's 2020 Q3 update, as well as to look at our electrolysis and hydrogen assumptions. It also gives clients a chance to engage directly with our experts on these topics.

The webinars cover the following:

  • Overview of AFRY’s Pan-European Price projections, 2020 Q3
  • Electrolysis – what are the potential implications for electricity markets?

The slide packs and recordings from the webinars are available in our Insights - exclusive to AIM report clients.

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