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Artificial Intelligence in the energy sector: preventing accidents

The number of accidents in the energy industry is growing: in the last 15 years, accidents not leading to sick leave have quadrupled, and reports to insurance companies have increased.

Industry organisations' analysis suggests that the most significant causes are stress and negligence. This can be seen in important safety protocol being disregarded and dangerous equipment being used carelessly. Corrective action is needed, but too often this is costly, time consuming and ineffective.

However, Artificial Intelligence can now be used to do all the hard work of assessing workplaces, identifying noncompliant behaviour, and even taking remedial action.

In a webinar on 3 September, Fredrik Hofflander shows how AI is being applied in the energy sector to prevent accidents effectively, efficiently and in compliance with GDPR.

The slide pack and recording are available on External link, opens in new window. or in our Insights External link. - exclusive to AIM report clients.

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