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Client webinar: European electricity demand in a time of coronavirus

In this client-exclusive webinar, our demand modelling team led by James Cox and Aurora Mancardi give our latest update on the outlook for European electricity demand in a world post-covid and on the cusp of the Green Deal.

Our Q2 2020 update introduces some major changes in our outlook for energy demand, and how the interacting forces of electrification, hydrogen and energy efficiency will play out in Europe. Our modelling encompasses heat, transport and electricity, which allows us to examine the interactions between all the sectors.

In particular, we take a look at:

  • How quickly transport will become electric, and what sectors and scenarios exist where hydrogen may have a role.
  • Our views on the future costs of petrol, diesel, electric and hydrogen cars and lorries and how the buying decision changes over time.
  • We examine how heating may move to heat pumps, and how this varies by European country due to climate and existing infrastructure.
  • We look at the role of hydrogen in heating and transport, and examine how hydrogen demand will grow in the future.

This client-exclusive webinar is the second in a series of four sessions for our Q2 2020 outlook. The series helps our clients to understand the main European-wide messages and changes in AFRY's 2020 Q2 update. It also gives our clients a chance to ask our experts questions about our assumptions and conclusions.

The slide pack and recording are available in our Insights - exclusive to AIM report clients.

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