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Client webinar: Future outlook on global commodities and gas

In this client-exclusive webinar, our global commodity experts Richard Sarsfield-Hall and Lucy Field give the latest on how the global commodity markets will unfold in a world post-covid.

  • In the global oil markets, we look at how supply and demand will unfold with worldwide electrification gains in transport.
  • In the coal markets, we examine how far and how fast demand for steam coal will fall, and how this will impact long-term pricing.
  • In gas, we look at how the coming wave of LNG will interact with falling gas demand as renewables start to eat into the power market share of gas. We also examine where various source of gas sit in the worldwide merit order and what this means for European gas pricing.

This client-exclusive webinar is the first in a series of four sessions for our Q2 2020 outlook. The series helps our clients to understand the main European-wide messages and changes in AFRY's 2020 Q2 update. It also gives our clients a chance to ask our experts questions about our assumptions and conclusions.

The slide pack and recording are available in our Insights - exclusive to AIM report clients.

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